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Tips to Save on Holiday Travel

It is always great to travel for the holidays; unfortunately it can also be a very expensive adventure. If you are one of the thousands of people traveling this holiday, it is best to plan ahead if you want to save some bucks while still getting the chance to experience an enjoyable holiday vacation.

· Shop Around

Shopping around the web is a good practice if you really want to avail of discounted holiday fares. There are lots of travel agencies, booking sites and auction houses online that offer travel holiday package deals. You just have to make sure that you get the best one by comparing the rates being offered.

· Book Early

According to surveys if you book your flight as soon as your travel plans are confirmed, there is a good chance that you might save some money for the airfares. If you can buy flight tickets at least a month in advance, you get to choose the best seat and avail of big discounts.

· Take Advantage of Discounts

There are actually airlines that offer ticket for flights at least two months ahead. If you are really lucky enough you may get grab some very special offers, but you may have to book at least 4 months in advance. There is a catch though regarding these deals, the tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. This means that you cannot cancel your flight, and if you will not be able to board for your schedule, you will not get a single cent back.

· Avoid Peak Dates

Do not book for flights going a day before the holiday. Try to fly at least a week before the holiday to avail of cheaper tickets. Avoid booking for December 24 and December 31.

If you only have a few days of vacation, fly on the day itself. Tickets will be so cheap during those dates. The problem with these dates though is that sometimes flight are cancelled or delayed because of very few passengers.

· Try to Fly Out of Alternate Airports

If you can avoid major airports, you can save money and save yourself from the hassles too. Less popular and smaller airports actually have access to smaller airlines too, the ones that offer cheaper airfares. Just be vigilant in your search and you will surely find that alternate airport that will suit you just fine.

· Get Vacation Package Tours

If you are spending your holiday somewhere else and not with relatives, your best option to save money is to find great and cheap holiday package deals. There are travel agencies over the Internet that offer complete holiday packages, which include back and forth flight tickets, hotel accommodations, car rentals and even guided tours. This is a better option than booking flights, hotels and car rentals separately.

Tips For a Budget Holiday

Looking for budget travel plans for your next long weekend holiday? A road trip might be your best shot!

1. Rented cars is the most economical solution for road trips.

Car rental companies normally offer a variety of ‘holiday car rental’ packages for holiday travelers to select from. These packages have to be affordable for travelers who are on budget and also wants to have a free & easy driving holiday.

Holiday car rental has been appealing to seasoned travelers and lately has attracted younger travelers that want to explore places that are less travelled. Competitive holiday car rental rates help travelers to save money and enable them to go to places less-travelled where ordinary holiday travelers are unable to explore.

With the advent of intra-Asia travel, holiday car rental will continue to grow as it offers the benefit of leisure travel at individual pace. As a result, many rental companies are aggressively marketing their holiday car rental program to meet the discerning needs of travelers. Several rental companies have seen double digit growth and demand continue to increase for this segment of the business.

2. Plan your route wisely. Use Google Map or GPS Navigation.

A traditional way of planning your driving route is to purchase a printed map from a bookstore. Today, it is a lot more convenient to just route your journey on Google Map, then just print out the map with specific driving directions. But for the adventurous travelers, a GPS navigation system is their best choice. And more than often, a GPS Navigator is included in your rented car for just a little extra money.

3. Travel packages for overnight trips – Low cost and safety.

If you are planning an overnight stay, then you should check with your rental company for any travel packages available. Many do offer competitive travel packages to attract budget holiday travelers. Working closely with travel agencies, they are able to offer special rates on hotels, motels and inns, which sometimes also provide occupants with complimentary breakfast.

Holiday Travel With a Small Budget

Holiday travel is something many travelers dream about for the whole working year. But how to travel if you don’t have that much money?

Create the right itinerary.

Visit cheaper countries and find free things to do. Even in the most expensive places you can always find cheap or free attractions. Find ideas online or try to get an opportunity to meet locals and take advantage of all the information they can provide for your holiday travel plan.

Find the best deals.

Avoid the busiest peak travel times if possible. The flight prices skyrocket around popular holiday times like Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you must fly during those times, plan ahead and buy the flights well in advance, the earlier the better. When you book a flight, read the airline’s rules to make sure there will not be extra fees on top of the flight ticket price.

Spend time and look for cheap flights and good holiday offers. Browsing the internet pays off! Most major airlines and travel agencies provide marvelous discounts and bargains so keep your eyes open for offers. Set a price alert online and be ready to book right away. That can save you a significant amount of money.

Travel with carry-on baggage only.

Many airlines charge you extra if you check your luggage in, especially on domestic flights. Avoid this fee by packing light and travel with a carry-on luggage. It makes traveling easier and faster as well.

Take a holiday travel insurance.

Even experienced travelers can end up in trouble, so you better get some protection. Delays and losses of luggage, accidents and getting sick. Anything can happen when traveling. Holiday travel insurance prices are cheap compared to the possible expenses in case of an emergency. Not taking a holiday insurance is the worst way to save money.

Stay with locals

Staying at a hotel can be expensive. There are many online networks which members offer accommodation either for free or for a competitive price. If you stay with locals, you are likely to meet marvelous people and save money too. The downside is that can take some work to find a host. Have a backup plan just in case it all falls through.

Explore the Inner Self on Singles Holidays

Traveller holidays have become popular among people, no matter whether they are single in their life or just want to be on their own for some time. Such voyagers proudly call themselves single travellers. They just want to break the shackles away on holidays and live the moment to their utmost. Holidays single have gained the popularity among all classes and age groups, especially in UK single travellers.

Numbers of companies have mushroomed in the tourism industry arranging tour for singles. And most of these companies arrange only singles holidays. It has not only given confidence to many to aspire for more adventure even when they are on their own, but has also increased the number of travellers. Holidays for solo now come with more range and variety. Now one can go singles holidays abroad with as much confidence and security. The whole infrastructure has been developed keeping in mind the needs of a single traveller looking for safety yet pleasure during single holidays abroad.

UK single travellers have also opened up to travel abroad on single holidays. Now they can either opt for colourful and exotic Asian regions or historical Mediterranean or the romantic Venice. The world is opening up for them and they are ready to explore it with a new zeal.

Holidays for solo is now not limited to trips around countryside or only to the destinations of convenience. All the industries related to the tourism sector now readily acknowledge the needs of single traveller. Singles holidays abroad and its popularity is the result of such developed infrastructure to make tour for singles comfortable and enjoyable.

One can breathe in free and fresh air of the world and discover the new wonders till now waiting to get explored. Holidays single can be golden chance to explore one’s own new self, the potential to not only survive but also to enjoy the vacations. Being single is usually seen as depressing and no one likes to be alone. But now singletons know what they should do to utilise and enjoy their single status and that is to go for single traveller holidays.