Holiday Travel With a Small Budget

Holiday travel is something many travelers dream about for the whole working year. But how to travel if you don’t have that much money?

Create the right itinerary.

Visit cheaper countries and find free things to do. Even in the most expensive places you can always find cheap or free attractions. Find ideas online or try to get an opportunity to meet locals and take advantage of all the information they can provide for your holiday travel plan.

Find the best deals.

Avoid the busiest peak travel times if possible. The flight prices skyrocket around popular holiday times like Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you must fly during those times, plan ahead and buy the flights well in advance, the earlier the better. When you book a flight, read the airline’s rules to make sure there will not be extra fees on top of the flight ticket price.

Spend time and look for cheap flights and good holiday offers. Browsing the internet pays off! Most major airlines and travel agencies provide marvelous discounts and bargains so keep your eyes open for offers. Set a price alert online and be ready to book right away. That can save you a significant amount of money.

Travel with carry-on baggage only.

Many airlines charge you extra if you check your luggage in, especially on domestic flights. Avoid this fee by packing light and travel with a carry-on luggage. It makes traveling easier and faster as well.

Take a holiday travel insurance.

Even experienced travelers can end up in trouble, so you better get some protection. Delays and losses of luggage, accidents and getting sick. Anything can happen when traveling. Holiday travel insurance prices are cheap compared to the possible expenses in case of an emergency. Not taking a holiday insurance is the worst way to save money.

Stay with locals

Staying at a hotel can be expensive. There are many online networks which members offer accommodation either for free or for a competitive price. If you stay with locals, you are likely to meet marvelous people and save money too. The downside is that can take some work to find a host. Have a backup plan just in case it all falls through.