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Basic Info To Note Regarding Mancala Board Games

There is no age limit when it comes to playing board games, most particularly mancala. These games are not just very straightforward to learn but are also very enjoyable, and one can easily enhance their skills of playing the game. In a slow day, playing board games will make the long day seem shorter. Some of the most common board games played nowadays include Sudoku, curses, mancala, and cribbage.

Mancala is the type of game that appeals to all people, irrespective of how old they are. You will sharpen your wits by playing mancala for several hours. This game is quite flexible since the players can play it at any place they wish and at whatever time they want. The people who fail to access this game will decide to make a game identical to Mancala.

There are 14 cups in the mancala board game. Twelve of these cups are usually put in the middle part of a board. The size of the middle cups is smaller than the ones at the end. On the right and left end sides of the board are the larger cups. The game is played by the player taking a cup and spreading seeds in an anticlockwise motion. This process can start from any side of a players, even though, depending on how the game progresses, you will find that sometimes an individual will sow seeds in an opponent’s cup.

The fun does not, however, stop there. After a player reaches the bigger cup on the side of the board, they are allowed to drop a seed in it. The player who drops the most seeds at the end of the game will be the one who will be crowned the winner.

Usually, mancala will be over after the small cup lacks seeds inside. Once the person with the most number of mancala in the large cups is known, the game will be finished. Those playing board games must be very strategic at their moves and should be knowledgeable in mathematics. Nevertheless, because of the fundamental nature of this game, it can be enjoyed by all people who can count. Actually, there are so many good players in elementary school.

If you want to have fun, think of learning how to play Mancala. You will not have to fret when you lose the seeds since you can substitute with little things like coins and stones. You should not worry about the design of the board since it is not a significant feature in the game; counting is.

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