Humourous Reasons Why Travelers

Costa Rica is fast becoming one of the major Central American Tourist destinations with over 2 million people a year, half the Costa Rican population, coming to this paradise. Recently the Costa Rican ICT (Tourism Board) stated that Costa Rica took over as the #1 Tourist destinations for North Americans, over taking the long reigning Hawaii. However it is time for people to know why not to visit paradise and seek elsewhere for their 2008 holiday.

Constantly one hears reasons why ‘you should’ do this or why you ‘must do this’ however Costa Rica Holiday takes a look at 10 humorous reasons that the traveler should not come near Costa Rica.

1. Travelers shouldn’t come to Costa Rica if they are allergic to beautiful days with clear blue skies, hot sun and not a cloud in sight or have Xeroderma Pigmentosum.. It is commonly known that many UK residents are not used to the sun so it is urged that tourists are cautious when experiencing such a day for the first time, they could find themselves with a severe case of the “I don’t want to go homes.” Or “I’ve lost my memory, I don’t know where I came from, I’ll have to stay here for ever!” As readers can see these are very serious conditions, meaning that tourists may wish to avoid these stunning days and spend them on the cool, cloudy, dirty beaches of the UK to avoid becoming addicted to the sun!

2. Travelers shouldn’t come to Costa Rica if they enjoy the stress of everything having to be done now and on time and never ever being late!! The hugely friendly happy people of Costa Rica, known as Tico’s really don’t know how to say no, so if asked, they will say yes to almost anything, even if they have a mountain of things to do. However, tourists may have to wait as they rush around getting things done, remember 5 minutes in a Tico’s head may be up to 2 or 3 hours in reality!! Planning ahead is needed; time must be planned for these delays that tourists will face!

3. Travelers shouldn’t come to Costa Rica if they don’t like money in their pockets! People who hate money and all that it does for you may wish to go somewhere else, as in Costa Rica it is only going to buy you happiness, and a lot of it! They shouldn’t expect to go home empty handed as food; drinks and most other items are significantly cheaper than England, so cheap in fact they may not know what to do with all that extra change. A beer can cost as little as 40p, while a Lobster meal for 2 can be had for 20 GBP including drinks, now if that sounds like its going to leave them with too much of that evil money burning a hole in their pockets then Costa Rica isn’t the destination for them!

4. Travelers shouldn’t come to Costa Rica if they want to eat bland, boring and fattening food! If travelers want to eat boring food and put on loads of weight then Costa Rica ISN’T the place for them. All they will find here is an exciting range or freshly prepared dishes with stunning flavors, bright colors and magnificent smells, all while remaining extremely healthy and light, meaning they could return home from holiday having lost weight for the first time ever! But then if they really don’t want to be eating amazing food at crazily low prices they shouldn’t be here, plain and simple! Why would they come to Costa Rica and have Lobster for 2 for 20GBP when they could stay in England and have a sloppy burger and fries each for the same price!!

5. Travelers shouldn’t come to Costa Rica if they hate wildlife including friendly monkeys beautiful Toucans, lazy Iguanas and the Slow moving Sloths. If the thought of seeing all of these beautiful creatures in the wild, enjoying life the way it should be lived scares them, and they would rather see them depressed and bored in a tiny cage, then Costa Rica defiantly is not the place for these travelers! All over the country there is an abundance of beautiful wildlife for everyone to enjoy, but if travelers do not like the thought of wildlife being truly WILD then maybe, just maybe they are the ones that should be locked up in a little cage in the UK!

6. Travelers shouldn’t come to Costa Rica if they hate the thought of not being stuck in endless traffic jams, moving at 1 mph on smooth roads surrounded by boring cityscape scenery. Tourists most definitely won’t get this in Costa Rica as you travel along dirt roads, weaving in and out of pot holes, driving through breathtaking scenery including rainforest, mountains, volcanoes and rivers, all teaming with extraordinary wildlife. If they hate the thought of all of this then they need to think of somewhere else, maybe Central London would be more their kind of Holiday destination. Sitting in traffic jams, paying crazy money for not getting anywhere in a hurry, and the closest thing to wildlife will be the pigeons strutting around the square!

7. Travelers shouldn’t come to Costa Rica if they want to be told what you can and can’t say when, how or to whom. If they hate the idea of being able to think and speak freely about anything and everything that they want, then travelers should avoid Costa Rica like the plague, they really will be out of their depth!

8. Travelers shouldn’t come to Costa Rica if they hate friendly people. If travelers enjoy being ignored, having people speak to them like they aren’t equal or general rudeness, then they shouldn’t come to Costa Rica. Here people are extremely friendly, will always do their best to help anyone out, and always wear a big smile, but if this scares them, then they should stay away, after all why would anyone want to go somewhere that’s always happy and helpful!

9. Travelers shouldn’t come to Costa Rica if they want a forgettable, very ordinary holiday! If travelers don’t want loads of fantastic images and memories running through their heads, or filling up their digital cameras, then Costa Rica most certainly isn’t the place for them. From the moment they step off the plane there is going to be great photo opportunities, great people and above all great weather. But why would anyone want to remember things like these when they could go somewhere else instantly forgettable that isn’t going to occupy those valuable brain cells needed for other things, such as remembering what you wore last weekend so that you don’t wear it again, or deciding which beer to have at the pub tonight! If this sounds like them, then they shouldn’t even consider Costa Rica!

10. Travelers shouldn’t come to Costa Rica with Costa Rica Holiday if they want an unorganized, stressful, overpriced holiday with substandard accommodation and tours. Why would travelers choose Costa Rica Holiday anyway? They don’t offer non flexible, non customizable holidays which leave travelers having to plan their time around bits and pieces, they don’t offer a non personal, limited knowledge service from the UK high street where none of the consultants have ever set foot in Costa Rica, They don’t offer hotels totally dependent upon what its going to make them, rather than how good its going to make the travelers holiday. That’s a lot of stuff they don’t do at Costa Rica Holiday so why on earth would travelers want to use them?? Well a couple of points include the fact that they offer Fully Customizable and flexible packages that they design from scratch based on a phone conversation had with each and every client that contacts them. They offer a Personal and knowledgeable service from their Costa Rican based, British, Travel consultants who have visited the hotels, taken part in the tours and tested all of the transfers so that they can give first hand recommendations to all customers. They use the hotels they use because they love them, and think that their customers will love them too. But why would travelers want an amazing holiday from Costa Rica Holiday, when they can pick an average holiday out of a brochure on the high street for the same price?